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Guide to Writing Content

Bumble Print, have wrote the below post in order to help users get the most out of writing their website content. This article is a must-read before you start putting your hands to the keyboard!


Rule 1 … DO NOT Plagiarise 

The first, and most important rule of content, is to make sure your content is original. Why you may ask? The answer is simple – Search engines have a brain! They can detect content in which has just been ‘copied and pasted’ from another source resulting in penalties in your own rank. Using your own original content will also stop you from looking the fool.


Rule 2 … Keep your sentences short  

Nobody likes to read chunks and chunks of words in a sentence. Not even search engines for that matter! Make sure your content is set out in way that can be indexed. Your readers will thank you, and so will your search engine position.


Rule 3 … Do not oversell 

Boasting about your product and service is great, do not get me wrong. But in order to achieve a quality piece of writing, you must make sure you have a balance of promotional and non-promotional content. This will keep your readers engaged and they will find your words valuable. Try talking about the subject, instead of being pushy to get the end sale through.


Rule 4 … Only use images which you allowed to use 

Images are a big issue for your website content – any images in which you use MUST be your own, or have no copyright attached to it, If not, you could end up being sued – and those fines do not come cheap.


Rule 5 … Use ‘Call to Action’ links 

If you are unfamiliar with the term, call to action is a button or link in which connects to an external page. These are perfect to close a deal within your text. For example .. If you are talking about how popular Business Cards are in the Network World, make sure you place a link to where they can buy –  such as this one here.


Rule 6 … Break up the text 

Do not just write chunks of text on a page, make sure you break this up with the likes of: Bullet Points, Headers and Numbered Lists. This will break up your content for the reader and make it easier to follow and navigate.


Rule 7 … PROOF READ! 

You will be surprised how many people, just write up content and hit post instantly – me included! Errors can pop up upon the page pretty easily. Especially if your fingers work faster than Usain Bolt needing the toilet. Proof reading will also make sure you have covered every aspect in which you were aiming for and save for any embarrassing mistakes.


So there you have it, 7 top tips for writing your own content. If you do need any additional help, why not reach out to us? We will be offering a content writing service in the near future! 




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