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The difference in WordPress .com and .org

WordPress, what is it?

A lot of modern website designers will be using wordpress for your website build, in fact, if you look at the statistics, about 75% of websites on the web to date are built using either wordpress .com or .org. WordPress is a fantastic website building platform due to its ease of use and ability to stay modern and effective . Bumble Print design websites using the .org version of wordpress. Take a read below to see what the difference is between the two.


WordPress .com is hosted by wordpress itself (Visit the .com Website) , this means your website will be situated on their servers. They have a range of packages available to clients, ranging from free to E-commerce. Whilst this is great for a basic starter website, the price can rise quite significantly as your website grows and develops. You also may need to know a little bit of HTML / CSS in order to keep your website up to date with branding and personalised featured. is perfect to start your own blog – or low traffic website. But we would not recommend it for any business in which is looking to develop in the future due to the costs involved. Hosting with Bumble Print can be purchased from just £1 per month! Take a look here.


WordPress .org

This is the version of wordpress (Visit the .org website)  in which we use and install for clients at Bumble Print. It is the version in which the majority of websites and built upon. If you are looking to use .org you must have your own hosting package alongside a domain name (You can view our prices and get in touch here). WordPress itself is still FREE of charge to use – and we have a quick and easy way to install it onto your hosting account – we can install it for you, or, you can simply use our one-click-install link in your CPanel dashboard.

When using .org you can install a premium or free theme to your build – this will give you the ability to shape your website as you require – you can also self-code and use CSS to alter the design. (PHP is also accepted upon page templates). WordPress itself is home to several free and paid plugins which can help you along the way, along with page builders and sign up forms.

The features of wordpress .org make it really easy for clients to build up a basic website for themselves, or edit a website in which we have created for them. You can find out more about our website design packages here.


Get in touch with Bumble Print

Do you need any more information? Or do you wish to chat with us about your current website host, website or even support package. If so, please do drop us a message. We would love to help you put the BUZZ back into your brand.  Bumble Print are based in Peterlee but operate across the world when it comes to website design and hosting.

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