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Is Social Media really worth it?

Are you a small Business Owner wondering if your posts are making a difference? 

This question, is a question in which Bumble Print are asked over and over again in the business world. You may spend hours and hours trying to work out what to say, offer or even like upon your social media profiles. Countless times, you may feel as though your efforts are wasted – you see no likes, no comments and no follow through from your hard work.

However, what you don’t know is .. your posts are being viewed! Upon social media there is a range of people – people who like, people who comment and people who just view! The viewers are the ones who store your business in their brain, and watch from the sidelines. It does not mean that these people are uninterested, it simply means, they are watching and are interested in seeing your posts (Otherwise, why would they have pressed that profile like / follow button in the first place)! These people may also be mentioning your brand to others our on the street to friends, family or even colleagues – never assume your post is dormant!


I am not seeing a return on my Social Media at all and Business is Quiet? 

With all businesses, you may have quiet periods. This can be due to several reasons. Maybe your industry does not work as well in the summer as it would in the winter. However, that does not mean to say, you should just stop posting for that season. In fact, the more potential clients read your posts, the more likely you are to be the first brand that comes to their head when someone mentions a service. Another reason why you should constantly post, is for SEO!


Social Media and SEO? What is that?

Your social media posts affect your overall SEO massively! Google likes to know that a company is active, one of the reasons they are determine this, is by seeing you are posting. Social channels can also boost your position on rankings (Not by much, but it does help). Posting can help with: Increased online Visibility, Brand Recognition across the internet, Improved Local SEO and a Broader Distribution of content.

You can see how much social media affects SEO directly yourself – simple google ‘Bumble Print’ and see how many of our social media links you can spot on there. Yous should see our Facebook, Linkedin, Trustpilot, Twitter etc. (Even if you don’t use the social platform, it is a good idea to have an account for the backlink). You also might see the Bumble Print Google Places on the side of your screen. Guess what – it shows reviews from both Google and Facebook! It’s amazing how the internet works!



So remember, even if your social media posts feel like they are ‘pointless’ and not doing your brand any good – they are helping in several ways. The key is not to give up. Keep pushing and make sure the world knows about your brand!

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