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Stay Calm – Work Remotely

Rise of the Remote Worker

As you are likely aware, the term “Remote Working” is propping up all over the UK today. For those who are not familiar with this term, it basically means – working from home. (Bonus huh)! With the growing fears of the Corona-virus, more and more employers are implementing this tactic for staff. This should in essence help contain the virus, but that itself is a whole new story!

For a lot of folk out there, remote work is a whole new zone, and it may not be as easy or as productive as it seems. Cast yourself back to those old school days – how easy was it to log into Runescape or Habbo Hotel? Ignoring the fact that you have to research the aspects of Plate Tectonics and write a 1000 word essay on why Lennie wants to tend the Rabbits. The home environment is full of distractions – perhaps you forgot to do last nights ironing – and that is clearly a better choice that calling that nagging client you hate or answering 100 emails with the exact same reply.

We have put together a few points in which may help you focus, and get the best of the situation from your brand.

  • Try not to stay in Bed (You will be surprised how easy it is to lose track of time)
  • Make sure you follow your daily routine – Morning Coffee, Lunch, Break Times etc.
  • Stretch your legs – even if this is just 5 minutes every hour (Unless you love Pin and Needles)
  • Make yourself a task list – and stick to it!
  • Try to ignore the TV (Sorry Netflix)!
  • Take Lunch as normal – you need that energy just as much as usual
  • Do not put off tasks just because ‘you can’ – it is still a working day
  • Do not overthink things – try to set your mind frame to a working frame
  • Use the time to do something bold with your brand – you may be surprised how many people work over the internet!

We hope this post has helped you in some way. Bumble Print are always here to help you when it comes to growing your brand. If you fancy updating your website or organising a batch of Business Cards for your staff then just give us a nudge! We can be reached via Facebook, Twitter, Whatapp, Email or the Phone. (The phone can sometimes be difficult to get through, but if you leave your number we will call you back).

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