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Our Peterlee Billboard!

Have you seen our Peterlee Billboard outside of Asda?

Earlier this month we had a billboard installed outside of Peterlee Asda. You can see the results of the finished board above. The billboard will be up for 4 weeks and has already drawn interest for us this end. People may say Bumble Print are crazy for investing in a four month marketing campaign when the UK is essentially in lockdown, however, the logic behind it, is far from that! Keep reading below to see exactly why we have chosen to continue to market our brand.

Marketing During Lock-down, is it a waste of money?

A lot of businesses in the UK might be holding off marketing at present, when in fact, it is actually the PERFECT time to get your brand out there. Think about it for a second – right now, the world is stood still. People pay more attention to the little things than ever before. People are shopping local more than they did this time last year and everyone is literally roaring to go. Your marketing right now should be on point! Take this time to update and print your essentials such as: Business Cards, Flyers, Banners, and even Logos. Invest where you can, and trust me, people will take notice.

Even if you are unable to offer your service right now, it does not mean that your business and brand just ‘stop’. Get into your clients heads TODAY and make sure they know, you are still there. Still ready to help and provide them with your service the second you able to. Build up back-orders. Talk to Clients. Create Business Relationships.

Why did Bumble Print get a Billboard when in lockdown?!

This answer is simple! Really simple! Our billboard is actually located right beside the car park to Peterlee Asda. The only major supermarket in the area! You have seen just how long the queues are for yourself! Our logic being, everyone is at Asda right now – everyone can see it, and believe me, you cannot miss our mascot Buzz plastered in the centre of it! We have had people stood in the queue behind Asda, talking about ‘that bright colour over there’, causing interest upon people. In my own opinion, the logic and results speak for themselves. And proves, lock-down, does not stop business from being able to promote and prepare.

Many thanks to Air-Outdoors for providing us with the Billboard. Let us know if you see our billboard up by sending us a message on our Facebook Page.

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