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5 alternative ways to use Business Cards

We print thousands of Business Cards a Month!

Bumble Print provide our customers with thousands of business cards a month.  They are still a very popular product despite the rise of online marketing. Business Cards can be use in many ways! Take a look at the top five alternative ways to use a business card below.


1. Remind people of what you can do for them

As standard, a business card is about you and your brand. Why not reverse that and make it about your customer?  In order to achieve this, all you need to do, is tailor one side of your business card to explain what services you can offer, for example:

  • List your services such as Gardening, Website Design or Maintenance
  • Provide a quote from a client in a similar industry
  • Display images of recent projects which would benefit them

*Make sure to create a few different concepts in order to tailor it to each industry you are working with. For example, a business card for plumbers and a one for caterers. 


2. Use them to promote a special offer

This one is a great idea and we find a lot of clients use business cards for this. In order to achieve this, all you need to do, is design your card to feature your offer heavily. Text could include ‘50% off when presenting this card’. In fact, pre-lockdown, we got a business card from WHSmith stating ‘25% ALL single Greeting Cards’.


3. Make your business card a loyalty card

This is perfect for Cafes and Salons – and the results speak for themselves! All you need to do, is simply sign or stamp the card and offer an incentive to collect them!


4. Use the business card as a networking tool

Are you attending networking events? Why not use your business card as a networking tool? You could use specifically tailored cards in order to personalise and impress fellow connections. Why not use the phrase ‘It was great to meet you at ‘Newcastle’ today! Contact me on the details listed on this card …


5. Business Card Event Tickets

We have printed event tickets as business cards loads of times! Business Cards are a cheap and simple way to provide tickets to your customers. Small enough to carry and big enough to fit on enough detail.



Bumble Print – Business Cards Printing 

Bumble Print can design and print your business cards in any way you desire! Why not contact us today and see what option is best for you. We offer: Standard, Spot UV, Foil, Mini and more. Typically our cards are printed on 450gsm silk which is a high quality card.

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