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Tips for Choosing a Good Domain Name

What is a Domain Name & How to Choose yours

Domain Names are basically your website URL. You will be familiar of using the search bar for the likes of ‘‘ or ‘‘. It creates an identify for your online profile. Before you begin to create your website, you must have your domain name secured along with its own website hosting account. Thankfully this is something we provide all of our customers. Fill in the form here to find out more.


We highly suggest keeping your domain name as simple as possible. This allows your users to be able to type it with ease. Try to use words which are simple and spell out exactly how they sound.

You want the name to be simple and easy and roll off the tongue so that when your friends and family talk about it they will remember the domain.

Although it can be tempting to buy yourbusiness.bakery or – they are not well known extensions and can result in your clients getting confused.  Stick to the traditional .com or  domain extensions to get the best results. and .com are also standard and easy for people to know.

We know how temping a hyphen can be to split up your domain name, but we strongly advise against it. It is hard to explain to users and doesn’t look good for your overall brand. Which would you be more likely to put into a URL bar? or

This is the biggest tip we can possibly give when choosing your domain name. Don’t spend hours searching and coming back to domains. If you find something simple and catchy that you love and want then buy it! Domains are bought every second and yours could literally go in less than a heartbeat! (Also make sure you renew your domain name, check out this story when google forgot to)!

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