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NHS Track and Trace App

The NHS Covid-19 contact tracing app for England and Wales is now available to download for both Android and iPhone. It’s free to download from Google Play and the App Store. We have put together the below blog post to tell you more about the application itself to bust some of the myths which you may have seen or heard on social media.

The overall aim of the application is to keep yourself and others you have been around safe. It is as simple as that. Do not over complicate it.

The government is NOT tracking or controlling your every movement. In fact, are you aware, a lot of apps from the app store actually already have access to your location? Which means, installing the new NHS Covid-19 contact tracing app is granting no extra permissions to what you likely already have.

The app uses Bluetooth technology to identify nearby phones – if someone who has been near your phone has tested positive for Covid-19 then your phone will send you an alert telling you of this. You will not be told to self-isolate until it is deemed as a ‘high-risk’ encounter. This is determined on the rime around the said person, the distance to them and the time in which symptoms had started.

You can read more about how the calculation works by checking out the official NHS website here.

The application DOES NOT collect any personal data. In fact, the system works by using two different codes. Every day the app will create a new code for your device which is then stored on your phone itself. After 15 minutes the app will then produce another random code that is shared and stored on the devices it communicates with via Bluetooth. All of these codes are deleted after 14 days. This again, busts the myth about the government tracking people and wanting more control.

If you  are using the application you can book a test on there direct. When booking a Covid019 test you will be given a code that lets you view your results inside the app. These are deleted 24 to 48 hours after they’re created. It will also give you a countdown on how many days you need to self-isolate for.

The app has been developed by the NHS and NHSX, the innovation arm of the health service, under the direction of the DHSC. (Yes, the rumours that the app is not from the NHS are also wrong).

If we work together and follow the rules we can beat the virus. Now is not the time to slack.

I will be personally downloaded the new Track and Trace App in order to save lives and protect the NHS. Will you?

Make sure you continue to wash your hands!

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