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Guide to direct mail marketing

Bumble Print has put together this blog post to help create an effective direct mail marketing campaign. You might be thinking, ‘Direct mail marketing is dead’. But in fact, it can generate a higher return on investment than other forms of marketing. It can send your customers something physical which stands out from the online world. To create a successful campaign you must make sure to create the perfect message.


A successful campaign may consist of:
  • Discounted: Your customers love a discount! Sending out an offer in the mail can get your brand heard.
  • Brand catalogue: If you offer a range of products, why not send out a branded catalogue? This is a great way to get your message across. Our A4 Booklets are perfect for this.
  • Introductory offer: A popular tried and tested method of a direct mail marketing campaign of securing new customers is by offering out introductory offers. This could be a free sample, discount code or free postage.
  • Saying a Fresh Hello: If you haven’t heard from your customers in a few months, you might have drifted from their radar. Sending out a letter of flyers is a great way to get them looking again.
  • Seasonal updates: Let you customers know what you are doing during seasonal times. Send them Christmas Cards or an Easter Treat! Small gestures mean a lot to clients.
  • Gratitude marketing: Your business is alive because of your customers. Sending a ‘Thank you’ in the post can make the experience more personal.


We have a range of products and stocks which can be used for direct mail marketing. Why not take a look at our: Business CardsFlyersGreeting CardsWine BoxesPillow Packs or Postcards.


Bumble Print are an online printing supplier based in Peterlee. We operate our Printing across the UK in areas such as Hartlepool, Durham, Newcastle, Leeds, York, Nottingham, Manchester, London, Essex, Doncaster, Ireland, Scotland, Wales.

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