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You might have heard the term HTTP and HTTPS when you researched your new hosting or website design package. Bumble Print have put together this blog post to help you understand the difference between them both.

The Main Difference

HTTP is short for Hypertext Transfer Protocol . This allows for data transfer between a server and client.

HTTPS is short for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure . This is the same form of connection as HTTP. Apart from, with the added ‘S’ it indicates that the data transferred is encrypted. (Third parties can not access the information sent over this connection).


Getting a Green Padlock

When a website has an active SSL certificate, all pages will load over the HTTPS protocol. (Giving it a cool green padlock feature next to the URL Bar).  Without the SSL Certificate installed, the website will automatically flag a message such as, “This page contains both secure and nonsecure items”.

If any of the content on your site loads a HTTP connection, then your whole website will load through HTTP by default. This will mark it as not secure. You can do a quick online check for any insecure links on your website by visiting this website.

If your website does give you the message of ‘Not Secure’, we recommend speaking to your website host and question why an SSL is not active on your website. (It may be a simple case of, the SSL is installed but some content on the page is loading as insecure, causing a conflict in the padlock).


How Can we Help?

Bumble Print offer a hosting service which includes FREE SSL Certificates. We automatically renew your certificate every 3 months for you going forward. This allows the connect to stay fresh, active and relevant to the modern internet world.

Bumble Print’s hosting is ran on the most up to date software such as: Kernel Care, Jet Backups, Imunify360 and Softaculous.


Host With Bumble Print

Our Hosting Packages start from as little as £10 per year. This also includes your very own business email address. Bumble Print will always have your back. Take a look at our full hosting packages here.

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