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The Big ISDN/Analogue Switch off (Your telephone line)

Get ready to move your Telephone Line

ISDN stands for “Integrated Services Digital Network”. It’s the digital equivalent of the phone line. It transmits voice and data at high speed, but it’s not as advanced as a cable, DSL or fibre-optic connection. (In short, it is a connection which keeps your telephone line active).

Analogue switch off is when an analogue telephone line phone service is switched off and replaced with a digital one. This change means that calls are clearer, more secure and take up less bandwidth than they did before.

The switch-off of the analogue network is an important step in the digital transformation of the Swiss telecommunication landscape. And we here to support you every step of the way.

This move is going to bring about a lot of changes for those who are still using analogue. It will also help to eliminate interference from analogue signals into digital signals.

The conversion of the UK’s telephone network to all-digital began last year.  Services are being phased out in stages until analogue/ISDN is finally switched off (in 2023).

While some people are nostalgic about the old days of using a landline, it’s time to embrace change and welcome new technologies.

The big switch off will bring several benefits to homeowners in the UK. Including: Cost Savings (Around 50%), Resilience, Better call quality, Flexibility, Unified Communication and more.

How can we help with your Telephone Line

Bumble Print  have partnered with one of the leading communications and technology companies. We can help support setup your new digital Telephone Line without the cost of the current ISDN line rental charges. We are confident our exclusive price structure can help you manage all aspects of your migration from ISDN.

Join us on our sister website InfaCloud to find out more on how we can help you move over to the cloud for your telephone line instead of ISDN. 

Read our online booklet here.

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