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Five ways to use Folded Leaflets

Folded leaflets are a great way to promote your product or service. They are often used by companies as a way to give information on their products or services. Folded leaflets are often used as a way of advertising and marketing. They can be given out at events, conferences, tradeshows, and expos. There are many uses for Folded Leaflets, here are just a few of the most common ways people use them:

1. Folded Leaflets as Menus

Whether you’re a bar, restaurant or coffee shop, Folded Leaflets provide ample space to showcase the food & drink options on your Menu. A Half Fold or Roll Fold are popular choices here because they’re easy to tuck away and put in your pockets, meaning that you can leave them at your till point or place them on the tables to takeaway.

2. Folded Leaflets for Weddings

Leaflets are not traditionally used at weddings, but they can bring a lot to the table. You can choose either Half Fold or Roll Folded leaflets for your Order of Service. Place the running order inside and let the guests know what is going on. Wrapping your folded leaflets with a Belly Band is also a popular option, this is easy and fast to do, and the band can be reused over and over.

3. Folded Leaflets as Brochures

When you’re looking to create a little handout that can be picked up and pocketed, a folded leaflet is hard to beat. These handy little leaflets are affordable, easy to create and even easier to pick up and pocket. Extraordinarily compact, they take up next to no space, so you can easily transport them and give them out whenever you like.

4. Folded Leaflets for promos

Promoting your business with a free promotional handout? Why not do it in style? Folded leaflets will keep your potential customers engaged while they try to figure out what you’re all about. With eco-friendly paper options, you can be sure that your Leaflets not only look good but make for a more sustainable alternative to other products.

5. Folded Leaflets as price lists

Pricing lists are great no matter what you do. They can be used in store, on a leaflet, to encourage repeat purchases or written back inside an envelope with the order. You can include all the information customers want for one handily-placed reference.


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