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Christmas Print Ideas for Photographers

During December, Christmas-themed shoots are a popular request among photographers and can be rewarding if you work closely with your clients beforehand. Christmas is the time for giving. For most people, the ideal Christmas present is an actual present however there are other options. Rather than just buying a classic Christmas gift, you could offer in-store credit as a gift card to provide your loved one with the experience of receiving their very own Christmas shoot as well. They’ll also be able to have memories that last for years to come.

Christmas Wedding Photography Packages

Not everyone gets married during summer. You could advertise your Christmassy services and packages in wedding magazines to reach more interested customers. Showing some of your holiday-inspired weddings and the styles they come in could help get the conversation going.

It can be really different to have a wedding photo shoot that involves over-sized seasonal props – such as mistletoe, Christmas hats, Santa Claus or a reindeer. With these in the background of your shots you’ll capture all the humorous quips and reactions from friends and family. At Bumble Print we can print out life-size standees to celebrate the coming Christmas season.

Despite shooting weddings, photographers are often size-limited in what they can offer, so they might offer smaller personalized gifts like our branded Christmas crackers wrapped in custom paper or embellished with your winter photos. Who could resist that?

Photoshoot Christmas Gift Cards

One of the most popular offers to photographers is vouchers or gift cards for Christmas photoshoots, which show appreciation to grateful clients. Bumble Print specialises in designing printable vouchers or quality paper gift cards that suit any photographer’s need.

Some people always seem to be hard to shop for during the Christmas season, which makes this one of the best choices on the market. Gift cards for photoshoots can be a perfect solution the Christmas.

Personalised Christmas Gifts

Personalized gifts, such as those with the person’s name or image on it – are one of the most appreciated pieces of memorabilia. As a photographer, this is your perfect chance to create a one-off Christmas gift range where customers can get their images printed on Christmas themed products. For example, your clients’ images could be featured in Christmas cards or on seasonal wrapping paper.

Making plans for a Christmas shoot and photobooth shots

If you want to make a perfect Christmas photo-booth shot, keep in mind that it’s all about capturing the right moment and giving some thought in the preparation. Bumble Print can create custom photo frames in minutes and offer a variety of sizes. we also provide larger-sized frames that make the perfect group selfie.

As a photographer, providing your clients with fun memories they’ll cherish for years to come will keep them coming back to you year after year.


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