Bumble Print – The Busy Bees! First Blog Post!

Bumble Print - The Busy Bees! First Blog Post!

First of all, here at Bumble Print we would love to wish you all a very happy Tuesday afternoon! Blogging is totally new to us here! So, let’s keep it simple! I mean, what do you guys want to know about? Shall we discuss how dinosaurs are hiding in Paris under an old man’s duvet? Shall we elaborate on how William Shakespeare didn’t need social media to become as ‘famous’ as he is today or shall we simply discuss exactly what we do here at Bumble Print!

Personally, I think the best topic here would have obviously been the one about the Dinosaur! Let’s keep that one for another day! By now, I am sure you all know what we stand for here at Bumble Print, and if not … well I am sure our business name points it out rather clearly – Yes, we are bee keepers! I mean, wait, no, we aren’t! We are printers! Bumble Print is always around to help you with any design or printing needs, we do it all! From Letterheads to business cards right on down to T-shirts and Posters! In fact, we have also just opened up our website and design shop! You could quite literally call Bumble Print a right bunch of busy bees!

If you are wondering what makes us different from the traditional printing shop, well, the answer is rather simple. Bumble Print provides you with a stunning customer service, I mean just ask anyone! I don’t mean to sound biased here, but, it’s true! We offer you 24/7 help and advice, whether it be related to printing or not, I mean, last week, we helped an author become published! How cool is that one?! We also offer free UK delivery on all orders with us, no matter how big or how small! We will even help you with your artwork, free of charge, of course! Whether you need it designed, resized, or checked, just ask! We are more than happy to do it for you!

So what are you waiting for? Check out our brand new website today at http://bumbleprint.co.uk/! Oh, and please do pop up on the live chat and give us a bumbling hello! We would love to know more about you and your business (Ps. We don’t just say that to drag you in as a new client, we actually do care)!

Now, as a thank you for taking time out to read this post … I thought it would be a rather fun idea to place a little game on here too! Why not kill some time! (We won’t tell your boss if you don’t)!

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