Get the Best out of Pokémon Go for your Business!

Get the Best out of Pokémon Go for your Business!

Pokémon Go is set to hit the UK Market anytime now! The app itself has already dominated areas across the world. Although the UK has not got an ‘official’ download just yet, hundreds of people have found a way to get it early. Assuming from todays demand, many more downloads are expected throughout the next few weeks. Prepare for a world of your youth! It has already been predicted, Pokemon Go will surpass the leading social media platforms such as Twitter!

Now, you may ask what this could do for your business … well, in small talk, a lot! Small Business owners are already reporting a high level of sales and presence to their location. To find out more … keep reading, as we tell you the in and out of the new craze, and how to optimise your business ready for the surge.

How Does Pokémon Go work?
Pokémon Go accesses your smart phones GPS, this allows the game to track your location and use ‘real-life’ scenes as you go on the hunt for your next Pokémon capture, Gym Battle or even pokecentre. Players must hold up their Smartphone whilst looking down at the screen in order to locate any nearby Pokémon. Once a Pokémon is found, the player must use the in-app pokeball in order to capture and add it to their list. This style of game is known to be ‘Augmented Reality’; we assume the game can only develop further as the likes of Virtual Reality helmets are pushed into the market.
The overall game makes sure that players explore the world we live upon, due to the geo-locations of each Pokémon. The more the player moves, the more Pokémon that will appear. As the saying goes, each player wishes to be best trainer, like no one ever was and ultimately, catch them all.

What Benefits does this have for my Small Business?
This answer is really simple! The app aims bring society closer together. Developers have been able to make multiple Pokémon appear in public areas, this means, many players will gather in one area at the same time, in order to capture the Pokémon to become the very best. And having played the game for over two hours this afternoon, I have literally visited about four new small business areas in order to capture unique Pokémon! (And, yes, I did actually purchase from that store too). And, if you are super lucky, your business might even be located at a pokestop, where players must go to collect pokeballs and eggs – this is refreshed every five minutes.

What should I do if my Business is a ‘Pokestop’?
Since many small café’s, shops, bars and restaurants are regularly used as Pokestop’s, you should really check if yours is by downloading the app or asking a Pokémon trainer to check for you! In America, where the app is at its peak, many business owners who are branded as a ‘pokestop’ have been offering discounts to do with the game – such as 10% off if you are a member of The Mystic Team. Business owner Nicole Spirito had also reported that a “non-stop flow of people coming in”, this leading to a surge of sales for her business!
Another idea to look into, is to offer discounts for those players who upload an online screenshot of Pokémon caught inside of their business, this itself will encourage more people to visit in the hope of finding that Pokémon! You can even offer Pokémon themed loyalty cards to entice your new customer to visit again.

Can I tempt customers into my store any other way?
The possibilities to form flocks of players to your business is endless! The app comes with the ability to purchase a ‘lure mode’ Lure mode is able to attract a large volume of Pokémon to a certain pokestop for a half hour time scale. Anybody who is playing the game will soon notice a flood of Pokémon on their map, causing them to rush to the area to capture them.
The obvious advantage to this, is that the more lure modules you can buy and apply to your business, the more crowds will pile in to access the game’s features. This of course is going to invite and encourage players to purchase from your store. And, of course, if you are looking to make it a huge campaign, why not look into getting some Pokémon merch on sale too!
An Italian restaurant based in New York had used this technique and purchased $10 worth of pokecoins which converted into buying ‘lures’. After the session had closed, he reported a 75% increase in sales as trainers bought beers and played the game until the battle was over – this also resulted in the communication of the public in which may not have occurred originally. Activating the lure at the peak times such as weekends and evening will increase the effectiveness of this campaign.

What if my Business isn’t a PokéStop?
Don’t worry! Pokémon can literally appear anywhere, not just a Pokéstop! Make sure you keep an eye out for one popping up – and as soon as it does! Get straight onto the case, post the image onto your social media account and get as many people as possible to share it.
However, the CEO of Pokémon Go has confirmed to the New York Times that sponsored location of the game will be a vital point of the game features. This means, before long, you will be able to pay a fee in order to make your business a Pokémon hot-spot – watch this space in order to reach the full potential!
Jump into this new craze with Bumble Print today! We are here to help you promote your pokemon event! Whether you wish to grab a bundle of ‘Pokestop Here’ posters, flyers or loyalty cards, we are ready and able to cater for you! And of course – we can get you online with your very own website too – with a main slider featuring Pokémon Go players welcome!

Get ahead of the game whilst the app is still in the ‘early’ stages for the UK! And stock up on promotional needs!

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