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So, as you all know by now, the voting day for the in-out referendum is set to open on the 23rd June 2016. I urge you all to head on over to your poll box and tick the most relevant box to you – don’t let the ‘big’ folk, steer you into a direction in which you may later on regret. My aim of this post is not to persuade you to vote in a certain way, instead, I would like to put across my opinion, and you will be able to distinguish, I am all for the ‘in’ campaign. So, if you do not wish to read the ‘facts’ and not the impassive lies of many individuals, then please do leave this post.

To begin with, we look at the whole ‘European spend’, many claims have been made where a large sum of money is spent daily in order to stay within the EU, yes, this fact is true. However, what people do not take into account, is the benefits and total reimbursements we actually get back (It was actually Margaret Thatcher, who provided us with the EU rebate deal back in 1984 – she did one thing right at least). I will not go on and on giving you all the exact figures of returns, as a simple search on the internet will do this for you. Another huge benefit of the EU is having access to the single market.

For those who do not know what the ‘single market’ is, it is basically a trade deal of many countries which are excluded from duties, making products more affordable for people like me and you. Access to this market is pretty much essential – why you may ask, is a whole new topic for discussion. By being a member of the single market, countries are able to note: Rise in jobs, Freedom to travel and shop easily, Opportunities to live, work and study outside of the UK, Safer and a larger range of products and services, Lower prices on goods including internet access, air travel and mobile allowances and a larger outside market for the UK to operat making it easier to conduct business.

Now, the argument on this topic is that we MAY still have access to this market despite being in the EU or not, but, do we really have the ability to survive without the benefits listed above? Are you willing to risk what the UK has at the moment for the chance to become ‘independent’ once more, and is the UK really strong enough to stand alone – think back to World War Two, that was why the European Union was first formed, an alliance of protection, unity. I personally say that the UK cannot afford to leave the EU and risk being outcast by the market.

Another topic to discuss is terrorism – this one is basically an optical view of my own. If we look at the so called ‘Islamic state’ terrorist attacks, where are they hitting the most? The obvious answer is France. Yes, they are the head of the EU, and yes, they do take a lot of the backlash in this ‘fight’. People do say that France only looks after their own, but, have these terrorists been able to get into the UK? Have we had any major attacks like France? The answer is no, and why could that be? France are taking it, protecting us by keeping those borders closed.

If we leave the EU, France has no reason to protect us, and they could open up those borders quite easily – where will the UK stand there? As much as people say we are a strong country… we cannot stand it alone. We have no chance at all! (But, yes, we do need to cut down on how much foreign aid Britain gives out, that’s not going to change regardless of being in the EU or not though). The only way to combat terrorism is to stand together.

And, please, if you are considering backing the ‘Brexit’ campaign, because it’s led by comedian Boris Johnson, or because you want to stab David Cameron in the back … then please do consider your true intentions on this debate. I personally don’t agree with many of David Cameron’s beliefs, but his argument on the EU deal, is a one to consider highly. (Voting to leave the EU, is also not going to put David out of number 10, so yeah, don’t vote to leave just for that reason, its illogical).



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