Convert your website to an app for both Android and Apple!

Bumble Print are able to convert your website into both Android and Apple mobile applications. You may ask, how would a mobile app benefit my business? Well, the answer is simple. Having your own mobile application puts your brand right in the palm of your clients hands. They will be able to access your website with ease without typing in a URL or trying to remember your company name.

Bumble Print have been working direct with Apple and Google in order to make the process of getting your own website application a breeze. We will create the files of your new application as well as submit these direct to the stores in order for a simple process. All you need to do, is provide us with your domain name. It literally is, as simple as that.

Take a read below at the FAQ in which we have created for your benefit. If you require any further information, please do give us a call or drop us an email.

What do I need to create my app?

We require your website URL, App Name and Logo.

When will my application be ready to download?

We can create your application in less that 24 hours. However, due to Apple and Google manually reviewing their apps, it could take up to one week for it to go live.

How will my application look?

As this is a web application, your app will look exactly like your mobile site looks. This also means, any changes in which you do on your website, will automatically reflect inside of the app.

Do I need a Google or Apple Account?

We can publish your applications into our own accounts (Please note, this will have Bumble Print branding on the developer name). Alternatively, you can create your own account which each platform.

Do you provide Push Notifications?

We can provide Push Notifications for iOS and Android for an additional cost of £50.

Please note, this cannot be added on after you have purchased your app.

How many times do I have to pay?

The applications are a one off payment.

If you wish to use our Apple Developer account the cost of this is £50 per year. (This charge is in place due to the costs of a developer account with Apple).

We can publish your Android App without any additional fees.

Get your very own Mobile Web App for Android and Apple Today!