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An SEO Service, that Delivers!

A lot of businesses ask us about our SEO services and what it actually stands for. SEO is short for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, it is the means of having your website follow the latest practices in order for search engines to crawl through your pages. The most popular search engine, is Google itself.

Here at Bumble Print, we understand that Google requires a certain level of work in a range of sections in order to rank higher in searches. One of the main factors of SEO, is the meta tags of your website pages – this allows google to read exactly what the page is about, before scanning the content.

Although, we can do a lot with your website SEO, there is a also a range of boosts in which you can apply offline, this can include: Registering with online directories, making sure you are posting on social media and sharing your website link as much as you possibly can.

We we will work with you, in order to achieve the best possible results for your brand.Why not, come and talk to us today, and find out just what we can do for your SEO today. (Please note, SEO can take up to 12 months in order for ranking to appear to it’s full potential, this is due to Google itself having to index your pages, and if it is done too quickly, you could be punished due unethical behaviour).

Most companies charge a monthly fee for this, and don’t give results – we are offering our SEO at a limited discount – For a single payment of £1000, we will do everything your typical ‘SEO’ company will do, apart from: We do not outsource and we do not rip you off. Bumble Print, is your trusted brand for all things digital.

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