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WordPress experts working to help you

Bumble Print are based in Peterlee, North East – but offer our wordpress support packages globally in a remote environment. We are always a email, text or Facebook message away.

Do you need help with your wordpress website? Here at Bumble Print we can help. Our support package covers: Website Backups, Site Protection, Additional Pages (Suited to your website design plan), Blog post uploading, Uploading of Images, Altering the main menu & Direct Support.

As standard, anybody who orders a website design service with us, gets two whole months of FREE support. Anything after this period is billed at just £20 a month, which is great value for money. We will work with you in order to keep your site fresh and well-maintained.

Do not waste your own time trying to figure out solutions to any issues or site changes – let Bumble Print do the hard bits for you.

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